Myths About Audio Testimonials That You Should Not Believe In

What is an audio testimonial? How does it benefit businesses? Today, businesses have started doing everything for improving their brand image and attracting more customers organically. So, if you are a business owner, you can also benefit from an audio testimonial. An audio testimonial is an audio clip that is recorded by your previous customers sharing their experience with the business. This experience is always positive and you can use these testimonials for offering social proof of your business. Hence, audio testimonials have become extremely popular these days. But there are a lot of myths about them in people's minds. So, keep on reading down below to find the truth behind them.



Myth: Customers find audio testimonials time-consuming.

A lot of businesses do not invest in audio testimonials just because they think it would unnecessarily take up the time of customers that they would otherwise spend browsing the website. However, this is not true. The audio testimonial is not something that they have to read on their own. So, they can easily play it and can scroll through the website, and also check out the different CTA available.

Myth: Audio testimonials do not help the website in any way. 

If you have audio testimonials on your website, the customers would require time to listen to them. However, if you simply put text in place of it, they will read it quickly. So, with the help of audio testimonials, you can increase the time users spend on your website. To get help with audio testimonials and Voice NFT, you should visit a reputable website. This would give them more time to browse through your products and services.

Myth: Audio testimonials are no better than text reviews. 

Several business owners believe that audio testimonials are not different from text reviews. So, they will add no value to the website. However, when you have audio testimonials, the customers will find it much easier to believe in your business and put their trust in it. This is because it is quite difficult to fake audio testimonials. After all, they will have the credentials of the customers. Hence, they are more reliable than text reviews.

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