Basic Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Voicebot

Including a voicebot on your website is a significant marketing advancement. It’s the right thing to do for all kinds of businesses. But there are some things that you need to keep in mind while designing your very first voicebot. Designing mistakes are quite common these days and it’s always better to take help from a voicebot designer before experimenting with new technology.


Here are five important things to keep in mind while designing a voicebot:

Voicebot is there to improve user experience

You should always remember that voicebot is designed to help the users navigate your website in a better way. It is a tool that helps users and so it should never be designed to be presented as an actual person. You shouldn’t design it so that the users expect too much from the tool. They should know that a voicebot is there to improve their experience. It should not be projected as a tool that is emotionally intelligent as a human. 

The voicebot should be efficient in handling data

Anticipation of what users are doing on your website is the most important thing. What a user is experiencing on the website can provide useful data on designing the voicebot. Useful data can then be combined based on user experience to enhance the capability of a voicebot. So, voicebot should be capable of handling data for all kinds of users. 

The voicebot should be consistent

A voicebot can solve various simple problems that do not necessarily require person-to-person interaction. Therefore, it needs to be consistent in solving the problems of users. It means that it should not display solutions to the same problem. This abnormality is often caused by design mistakes. 

The voicebot should be transparent

You should know that the users who interact with a Google assistant designer will not expect out-of-the-ordinary solutions. They only want it to be precise in acknowledging the problem and finding out a transparent solution that isn’t one-ended. There should always be scope for alternative solutions that businesses often hide from the customers. You should consider taking help from a Google assistant designer to take your design to the next level. 

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